Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Arizona Elk & Antelope Draw, what does an AZ Quality Bull Elk Tag cost?

(A Quality Bull Elk tag can cost some BIG $$$$!)

The 2010 draw deadline has come and gone for Arizona's Elk and Antelope hunts. I sure hope you applied because some big bulls will be hitting the dirt this year. I know that on average 33,000 Non-Residents buy Arizona hunting licenses every year and I was wondering what it truly cost folks to get a Quality AZ Bull Elk tag. I just got done applying for Utah and it cost me $65 for a Non-Resident license, which is significantly less than AZ fees.

Here are how my numbers worked out:

Unit 10 Early Rifle Bull:
Non-Resident Draw Odds (2010 data):
0 pts- .1%
10 pts- 1.6%
17 pts- 53.3%
18 pts-100%

Minus the Loyalty & Hunter Ed point it will likely take most non-residents 16 years to draw this tag. With the current Non-Resident rates this is what it will cost them:

$2,420.00 (License Fees) + $595 (Elk Permit) = $3,015.00

3A&C Archery Bull Elk Permit:
Non-Resident Draw Odds:
0 pts- .2%
10 pts- 1.9%
16 pts- 2.6%
17 pts- 100%

Again, minus the loyalty & Hunter Education points it will likely take them 15 years to draw!

1,512.50 + 595.00= $2,101.50

Holy COW! That doesn't include equipment, food, lodging, possible guide service and everything else they must have.

Unit 10 Early Rifle Bull
Arizona Resident Draw Odds:
0 pts- .1%
10 pts- 1.6%
17 pts- 100%

It will likely take an AZ resident 15 years to draw this tag and they will pay:

482.25 (License Fees) + 121.50 (Elk Permit) = $633.75

Still not CHEAP!!!

3A&C Archery Bull Elk Tag
Resident Draw Odds:
0 pts- 1.0%
10 pts- 11%
11 pts- 16%
12 pts- 100%

10 years for a guy like me to draw this tag!

322.50 + 121.50= $444.00

As a Resident of Arizona & a Non-Resident of other states I agree 100% that we should have a non-resident cap but I can't help but wonder if we lowered our license fees, if this would allow for a more diversified group & greater number of middle class people to apply. No wonder folks go buy landowner tags for $5,500, at least they know they will get to go hunting!