Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Guided Mountain Lion Hunts (Arizona)

Hunting Mountain Lions with hounds is something you almost exclusively have to do with a guide/houndsman.   Raising and maintaining top notch dry ground dogs is something that takes a fair amount of money, time, and work, in order to produce. 

Logan Anderson of Seven Anchor Outfitters is one of the best Mountain Lion Guides in the state of Arizona.  If you are interested in going on a Guided Arizona Mountain Lion Hunt, contact us at 877.842.1258 or Logan at 928.300.1833.  

“I completed a Guided Mountain Lion Hunt with Logan Anderson this past January (2012). It was one of the most exciting hunts I’ve experienced. The hunt was well organized, the food was prepared by his wife, the horses well mannered and Logan knew where the cats roamed. He had hunted this particular cat for over a year, so cat hunting can be challenging. Logan Anderson, his help and his family are the salt of the earth and I look forward to hunting with him sometime in the future.” Dr. Terry Holder

Dr. Holder's Guided Mountain Lion Hunt with Seven Anchor Outfitters